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"Shamans in Tuva" exhibit moving to Vienna

The Shamans in Tuva exhibition previously on display in Antwerp is currently being transported to the Ethnographic Museum in Vienna, Austria. The Shamans in Tuva exhibition will open there on 26 October and will run until 5 April 1999.

Ben Lange ( has produced two short videos made during his two visits to Tuva; one is a general video of little more than 7 minutes about the beauty of Tuva, and the other is about a winter ceremony by a female shaman (also little over 7 minutes).

We are able to provide the text of the outer video box and the inner video box, with the descriptions of the video.

These videos were shown at the Ethnographic Museum in Antwerp, Belgium, from October, 1997 until October 1998, and they are available for purchase from Oibibio, the new-age centre in Amsterdam. The video is now available directly from the producer:

    NGN produkties
    Attn: Mr. O.Ph.(Flip) Nagler (mail:
    Korsjespoortsteeg 16
    1015 AR Amsterdam
    tel: +31 (0)20 638 2633
    fax: +31 (0)20 638 9199

The video format is PAL (NTSC can be arranged for North Americans). The price is 40 NLG (Dutch Guilders): 30 for the video and 10 postal charges. Currently, this would be about US$20. People can obtain a tape by sending a money order to the producer in Amsterdam, with the amount given above and with their name and address. The tape will be mailed after receipt of the money order. Eurocheques are also accepted.

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This tape is now available in either PAL or NTSC format from the Tuva Trader under the "Tuva Stuff" and "Video" options.

Updated April 19, 2000.